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I Want a Tent for My Event!

Great! Tents not only give you the space you need but, unlike various venues around our area, each tent is unique in it's chosen setting, size, & design, there is no reservation conflict for the facility, and ambiance is unparalleled. A tent makes a statement that your event is special.

Bulletin Board

Almost all of the NEW & exciting products purchased at our annual ARA Convention & Trade Show have now arrived!! Stop in to check 'em out!
Our NEW Texas Plank Dance Floor will be at the Cattle Barons Ball & NEW inflatables have been reserved or been out already. Many others too!


Pie in the Face

Pie In The Face has a twist of luck, anticipation, and competition, that is sure to make any event into a true crowd pleaser. Great for corporate events, Game Shows, Comedy Clubs, Fundraisers, Birthdays, & Schools. 

Play A Simple game of Rock, Paper, Scissors... where the loser has to turn their handle slowly a single time until they hear the click. Completely random, you may just be lucky enough to escape a Pie In The Face!

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